Don’t Make These 6 Common Mistakes When Investing in Precious Metals

Don't Make These 6 Common Mistakes When Investing in Precious Metals

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Gold IRA in Sugar Land TXPrecious metals earn their precious description due to the fact that they are unusual and in limited supply. Collecting silver, gold, palladium and other precious metals is an extremely pricey undertaking.

Unlike business stock or government-backed currency, there is a restricted amount of each rare-earth element. This is what has actually made these metals such a fantastic investment with time. If you acquire business stock, that business may at any time start purchasing back its shares. This normally increases the stock price, since there are fewer shares readily available to the general public. The business may do the opposite, and release more shares. This can drive the share price down.

Every time your government issues more currency, the value of the money you hold drops. This brings to light one primary aspect which drives the price of precious metals … they are in unusual supply, and there is a limited amount of them.

If you are new to the world of rare-earth element investing, this guide was made specifically for you. In it you will find out why you may wish to think about including precious metals to your investment portfolio, in addition to just how much of your investment capital you must spend. You will get to understand the most common precious metals for investing, and a couple of facts about each of them.

You may be shocked to discover that you can acquire “paper” rare-earth element investment automobiles in addition to physical products. We will cover whether you must be buying silver, gold or some other kind of metal, the distinctions in between bullion, bars, coins and other rare-earth element financial investments, and the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing online vs. at your regional dealer.

We will recommend the top online precious metal dealerships, those which have been rated the greatest according to customer satisfaction. We will walk you through making your first precious metals purchase, whether you pick to do so online or off. In case you are still on the fence about whether this is the right kind of investment for you, let's look at some great factors for purchasing precious metals.

Factors to Invest in Precious Metals

There are a lot of great factors to include precious metals to your investment portfolio. Here are just a few of the more common factors rare-earth element investing is on the increase in the 21st century.

Protection against Economic Collapse

Gold IRA in Stafford TXAmong the main factors some individuals purchase precious metals is since they offer a hedge against financial currency. As mentioned earlier, your government can choose at any time to enhance the value or to cheapen your currency. Additionally, if some calamity occurs, such as a zombie armageddon, electric grid breakdown, or some other end of the world circumstance, paper money may become useless.

You require only get a recent newspaper from practically throughout the world to see examples of civil discontent and political shenanigans. You may remember the Greek government revealed in 2011 that they were on the verge of insolvency. That crisis got worse after that statement, and it took other federal governments forgiving massive amounts of Greek financial obligation for that nation to start reconstructing its economy.

That is just one example of government-backed currency becoming badly decreased the value of. If it can occur there, it can occur anywhere. Having physical gold, silver, and other precious metals on hand, especially in 1-ounce bullion pieces, gives you a worldwide recognized source of currency which will only increase in value if there is some extreme financial disaster that strikes in your location.

High-Value, Small Size

One Troy ounce of gold traded at $1,200 in July of 2018. One ounce of gold bullion has to do with the size of a silver dollar, it is very portable, and it brings a great deal of cash value. Precious metals offer a great deal of buying power and they do not use up much storage area, whether that remain in your pocket, bag, or in a safe at your home.

Diversity of Investment Portfolio

The wealthiest financiers on the planet will constantly inform you to diversify. They recommend holding some position in government bonds, stocks which pay dividends, small company stocks, realty, cash, precious metals and other financial investments. Precious metals give you another security net to draw on if some or all of your other financial investments do not turn out.

Gold and Silver Have Industrial Uses

Silver, gold, and some other precious metals have multiple usages in market. Much of palladium's value is driven by industrial usage. They are also used to make coins and fashion jewelry. This can not be stated for paper and coin currency, stocks, bonds, and other investment automobiles. The more widespread the usage of precious metals ends up being, the greater the value of those metals will increase. There is a restricted amount of each rare-earth element, which means that as industrial use continues to climb up, so will the value of specific precious metals.

You Can Get Started with Very Little Money

Silver was trading at around $14 per ounce in July of 2018. This means that you can start your precious metals investment education with little to no risk or monetary expense.

How Much Should I Invest in Precious Metals?

The decision on just how much money you must purchase precious metals is a personal one. If you have a definite belief that international economies are going to crash sometime quickly, and the economy of your home country remains in hazard, you may wish to spend more money purchasing precious metals than stocks and bonds. Generally speaking, many investment consultants recommend not investing more than 10% to 15% of your entire investment capital on any one kind of investment.

If your investment portfolio includes genuine estate, cash, precious metals, stocks, cryptocurrencies and collectible coins, some of those financial investments may make money while others may stagnate or lose money. Since you are diversified in a number of different investment automobiles, the opportunities that you might lose all your money are very low.

On the other hand, you may have done a great deal of research study that leads you to believe platinum, gold, or silver is due for a huge upturn over the next year or two. If this is your belief, you may wish to increase the amount of money you are purchasing precious metals. The amount of money you are going to spend will also have to do with whether you are investing for the long term, as a pastime, or as a defense against financial or civil collapse.

Aside from not investing more than 10% to 15% of your readily available capital on any one kind of investment, a wise monetary advisor will inform you to prepare for the worst. This means you must be prepared for your precious metals investment to gain no value, or drop significantly in value. To put it simply, you must only be investing money that isn't used to keep a roofing system over your head or to put food on your table.

To choose just how much money to purchase precious metals, it is a good concept to have a well-formed spending plan in location. You must understand where you spend every penny you make, just how much you save, what your present financial investments deserve, and what your monetary strategies are for the next year, 5 years, and 10 years. You can't make an affordable estimation of just how much you can safely purchase anything till you understand your day-to-day, monthly, and yearly expenses and income.

Even if your calculations show you have a substantial amount of money to spend, it is most likely wise to get begun with a really small amount of money at. You may make mistakes throughout your precious metals education. If you are starting off purchasing single ounce quantities of silver and something goes significantly wrong, you have very little money on the table. After you move from beginner to veteran as a precious metals trader, you can invest more of the cash you have allocated for this specific kind of investment.

The Top Precious Metals for Investing


As of 2011, only 181,881 lots of gold had been dug up out of the ground. This means that considering that the start of human history, only 363,762,732 pounds of gold had been mined approximately that time. That may look like a great deal of gold, however when you recognize this is the build-up of all historical human efforts at getting our hands on gold, you can see why this is such an unusual commodity.

Gold fashion jewelry is all over, and appears in watches and pendants, earrings and belt buckles. In ancient times, gold was used for ritualistic and spiritual functions, and acted as a kind of currency for lots of countless years. Nowadays gold is used in dentistry and in multiple industrial applications, often since it is an excellent conductor of electricity. That mobile phone you can't seem to put down may include micronutrient of gold.

Gold IRA in San Felipe TXRoughly half of all gold mined nowadays appears in fashion jewelry. This is among the primary drivers of the value of gold. About 10% is used for industrial factors, and a full 40% of the gold on the planet today is used for investing. When you recognize that the majority of that 40% is kept in the world's greatest main banks, you understand that the amount of gold readily available to the individual investor is actually rather restricted.


Gold is absolutely the most typically recognized precious metal, for a number of factors. While gold brings more acknowledgment power as a precious metal, silver is the most typically traded precious metal.

While the most common usage of gold remains in fashion jewelry, and silver does discover its way to the jeweler's bench, the large majority of silver is used for industrial functions. Like gold, silver is an excellent conductor of electricity. Silver also conducts heat very well. Because of those 2 properties, silver is used extensively in electronics and in solar power applications.

Because of its large supply, you can anticipate to spend less money buying silver than gold. In mid-2018, gold was trading around $1,150 per ounce and silver was typically bought and sold at $14 per ounce.


When it was first discovered, platinum was thought to be some kind of silver or gold that suffered from less pureness than purer types of those precious metals. It is odd that this costly metal is normally found today as a manufacturing byproduct of mining copper and nickel. If you have a catalytic converter in your automobile, you might be the holder of platinum (palladium is often used rather of platinum).

Platinum is very resistant to deterioration, and this quality makes it viable for multiple industrial usages. You will discover platinum in a wide range of electrical devices, and as an investment lorry, platinum bullion is readily available in ingots, bars and coins, just like gold and silver. Platinum can be a lot more unstable than the more typically traded silver and gold.


If you have not heard of palladium, that is most likely since this is among the rarest of all precious metals. Its usages are mostly industrial, focusing mostly on the electronics market as a whole, specifically for the manufacture of capacitors that store hydrogen and electrical energy. Because of social and political discontent in South Africa and Russia, where many of the around the world supply of palladium is found, this rare-earth element can be as unstable as platinum, if not more so.

Other metals, such as copper, steel and aluminum, can be bought and sold on the futures and choices market. Commodities exchanges also use access to these and other metals. As far as precious metals go, silver, gold, platinum and palladium are what you are going to discover provided by many online and brick-and-mortar rare-earth element dealerships.

They have a worldwide supply and demand network, they are much easier to liquidate than some other precious and non-precious metals, and this is where you must focus your rare-earth element investing.

Choosing to Buy Paper or Physical Precious Metals

When many individuals think of buying precious metals, visions of gold and silver coins leap to mind. What a lot of individuals do not understand is you can play the precious metals market for a short or long-lasting investment without taking belongings of any physical metal.


If you are familiar with trading stocks and bonds, then you may pick to invest your money in “paper” precious metal offerings. Precious metal ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) normally focus on gold, silver, and/or platinum.

ETFs may purchase bullion, and these funds are traded on many major stock exchanges. One Exchange Traded Fund may not look like another in any way other than the rare-earth element being targeted. Due diligence is needed as to the history and durability of an ETF before investing your money, as is the case with stocks, bonds, and other non-physical investment automobiles.

Shared Funds, IRAs and Stocks

If you wish to purchase precious metals as an industry move, rather than taking physical belongings of your investment, think about common stocks, IRAs, and mutual funds. There are individual stocks and groups of stocks provided by business that mine metals out of the earth. You can purchase shares in these business or mutual funds, hoping that you pick the most successfully run business vs. their competitors.

Futures and Options

Futures and choices are very risky for the beginning investor. Unless you have substantial understanding of trading stocks, futures, choices, and commodities, you must avoid this kind of precious metals investment. It must be noted that the very high risk of trading futures and choices also brings with it a capacity for very high benefits.

Bullion and Coins

These are the physical types precious metals take. The most common physical type of precious metals is bullion.

Bullion rounds appear similar to coins, however have no value other than the intrinsic value of the precious metal in that round. US-issued Silver Morgan dollars and South African Gold Krugerrands are 2 globally recognized precious metal coins which are frequently traded.

If you have sufficient capital, you can acquire a Good Delivery gold bar. These are the big bars of gold you have seen in the motion pictures. They are 400 Troy ounces in weight, so depending upon the price of gold at the time of purchase, you can anticipate to pay a number of hundred thousand dollars for a single Good Delivery gold bar.

You can acquire silver bars in 1 and even 1,000 ounce sizes. Using the silver prices from July of 2018, these bars would have a spot value of around $1,400 and $14,000 respectively. The issue with big precious metals bars is that they are tough to liquidate, and unless you are making a large purchase, you would have to trade your bar for smaller sized quantities of metal so you can make smaller sized purchases.

If you choose to acquire physical precious metals, adhering to rounds, bars, and ingots makes the a lot of sense. You can diversify by buying a number of different kinds of precious metals, and still accumulate a great deal of value in a little physical type.

Should I Buy Silver Bullion, Gold Bullion, or Both?

Gold IRA in Pasadena TXThe most common precious metal purchase amount is 1 Troy ounce. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are most typically sold in 1 Troy ounce sizes.

We talked in an earlier area of this report about how rare-earth element is typically provided as a round, ingot or bar, and you may see 1 ounce, 100 ounce and even 1,000 ounce bullion pieces. Whether you acquire palladium or silver, gold or platinum, is completely approximately you. If you are just beginning to inform yourself about rare-earth element investing, many responsible dealerships will inform you silver is the way to go.

While you can definitely trade in palladium or platinum, those 2 precious metals are a lot more unstable and less liquid than gold and silver. For many rare-earth element financiers, the objective is to amass a sizable amount of both silver and gold. If you wish to focus all your rare-earth element investing efforts on one specific commodity rather than another, there are some benefits and drawbacks you require to think about.

Gold is Expensive, Silver Is Cheap… Relatively

In the first couple of years of the 21st century, silver has actually traded as low as $5 per Troy ounce and as high as $48. In less than 3 years, from 2009 to midyear 2011, the area price of gold moved from $800 to nearly $1,900 per ounce. As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate gold to trade someplace in between 75 and 100 times the area value of silver.

This means that you most likely have sufficient money in your wallet today to acquire a couple of ounces of silver. If you do not have a great deal of money to invest, it is a good concept to start your precious metals education by purchasing one or a number of grams or ounces of silver. You still get the very same individual satisfaction that comes from understanding you are beginning to diversify your investment portfolio, and contributing to your horde will imply having to part with just $15 to $20 (since late 2018).

Introducing the Silver Stacker

As soon as you get going collecting silver, whether in coin or bar form, you might get so brought away that you end up being a “Silver Stacker”. Silver Stackers begin to collect a lot of this rare-earth element, generally in coin form, that they need to begin stacking coins on top of each other in tubes since they begin to run out of storage space.

Some price quotes show that due to the low rate of silver instead of gold and other precious metals, silver investing might grow by as much as 40% or 50% by the year 2024. This would absolutely pay dividends to silver stackers everywhere, and investors who collect even a percentage of silver. If you decide to begin with a large silver purchase, think about 1 ounce bullion rounds or coins, and buy wholesale to save money.

Gold Only?

Numerous investors rely on precious metals as a method to diversify their portfolios. This is why it is suggested that you think about acquiring a number of precious metals, rather than simply one or another. If you do decide to focus only on gold as a rare-earth element investment, comprehend that it's presently raised rate over other metals implies that it takes a significant outlay of money to buy a extremely percentage.

The higher rate a precious metal reaches implies you might make some severe money. You have to also remember that the higher the rate goes above no, the further it can drop.

You need to in addition comprehend that the higher value of an ounce of gold implies you might not use it to make smaller sized purchases, if you needed to rely on your precious metals as currency. A smart precious metals investment method would mirror the rate difference in between silver and gold.

A Proven Silver and Gold Investment Strategy

If silver is trading at 1/80th the rate of gold, you ought to think about collecting roughly 80 times more silver than gold. If the rate of gold drops substantially and silver increases, gold might reach a level where it is 50 times as expensive as silver.

Following this method, you will secure yourself against large drops in one metal or another. You will still enable yourself the opportunity to make the most of a significant rate jump in either gold, silver, or both.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Precious Metals Online vs. Off

Because of the size of the larger online rare-earth element dealers, you will be introduced in the following section of this report, you can often get the best prices on the Internet. One downfall is that you do need to pay a shipping cost, which can be significant if you are acquiring a large quantity of metal. Establishing a relationship with a local dealer pays a lot of dividends, and you don't need to pay shipping costs.

Local dealers continuously need to strive to fight the 24/7 schedule of online rare-earth element dealers. That implies they might work with you on prices if you show you are going to be a routine client. It is also great to be able to pop into your local dealer with any questions you have and to consult. One disadvantage to acquiring from a local dealer is that on-hand supply is seldom the best. You can still get what you desire, however you might need to await your dealer to have actually the product shipped to his store.

If you desire to keep your precious metal purchasing deceptive, you most likely don't desire to deal with a local shop. You can keep your metal purchasing a secret from everybody in your local location.

If you are worried about cybersecurity and hackers possibly accessing your investment and monetary data online, you might desire to acquire with cash from a local dealer. Keep all these considerations in mind when you decide where to acquire your precious metals.

5 Top-Rated Online Precious Metal Dealers

Noted in no particular order, here are 5 of the online rare-earth element dealers that take pleasure in the best track record for rate, customer care, education and other resources, and safe, reliable shipping.

JM Bullion

JM Bullion is possibly the most recognizable of all online rare-earth element exchanges. The shopping experience is clean and basic, and while the selection might not be as diverse as APMEX or a few of the other dealers on this list, JM Bullion still offers plenty to new and even experienced investors.


The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) is understood for extremely competitive rates and is one of the biggest bullion dealers online. Because of the high volume of gold, silver and other precious metals APMEX buys, they can provide exceptionally appealing prices on even the smallest purchases.

Cash Metals Exchange

Cash Metals Exchange is a just recently new online dealer, forming in 2010. The creator of money metals is the former president of a monetary newsletter, and he understands that his consumers are searching for the best possible prices. Because of appealing rates, Money Metals Exchange has quickly grown to be one of the most popular rare-earth element trading companies online.
Westminster Mint

Located online at Coin-Rare. com, Westminster Mint regularly carries a perfect A+ score from the Better Business Bureau. You take pleasure in a broad variety of investing alternatives at this website, and a depository service is supplied.

Patriot Gold Group

Consumer Affairs rated the Patriot Gold Group the top gold IRA dealer in the United States (2017 ). You can also acquire physical gold and silver bullion, and the company carries an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau ( since 2018).

How to Make Your First Precious Metal Purchase

Open an account with one of the online precious metal dealers noted above. Many of the widely known and respectable online precious metal dealers have chat servers up and running 24/7 so you can get your questions answered night and day.

If you go to a local dealer, ask to speak to the owner or supervisor. Going as near opening time on a weekday is your best choice so that you can get some individually time with a agent. Tell them you are simply beginning buying precious metals, and you want to know the rate being offered for 1 ounce of silver bullion.

When you make your first purchase, you desire to guide clear of precious metal coins that come from government-backed mints. This is since the coin itself has some fundamental value, as well as the precious metal contained within.

In the case of silver, junk metal is sometimes only 90% silver. If you are taking your rare-earth element investing seriously, you desire to deal with silver of a. 999 great pureness, since this pureness is going to be the simplest to trade or cost a later date.

Prior to you make a buy, inquire about any bulk specials that are being offered. You might be able to work out an appealing rate per ounce, however make sure you keep this first precious metals purchase to a minimal quantity. Most 1-ounce silver bullion purchases will consist of some kind of protective container.

Valuable Metal Storage

Rare-earth elements can be kept almost anywhere. You can build and keep rather a great collection of precious metals in a closet or on a bookshelf. If you are worried about keeping your investments from spying eyes, think about a safe. There are safes made that you can install into a wall or the flooring of your home, you might select a standalone safe, and there are hidden compartment and deceptiveness safes that enable you to hide your precious metals in plain sight.

You might also select to secure your investment by saving your metals in a safe-deposit box. Most banks will lease out a safe-deposit box, and there might be specific insurance coverage benefits when you secure your investments this method. Valuable metal depositories supply sufficient space for even the biggest collections, the environment is both environment and wetness controlled, and these depositories run under the greatest levels of security possible.

The only downfall for saving your metals in a depository or in a safe-deposit box is you can not easily lay your hands upon your investments. It may be smart to keep the bulk of your collection safe and safe and secure in a bank or rare-earth element depository, while also keeping some on hand in your home for fast gain access to.

How to Tell if You Are Getting a Good Price

Buying precious metals like gold and silver needs that you comprehend the area rate. This is the present real-time rate of the rare-earth element you are thinking about purchasing. Because precious metals are in limited supply, supply and need in the international marketplace sets their prices. News, politics, civil unrest and other aspects might also add to a rare-earth element's area rate.

To get the most current area rate, all you need to do is power up your smart device or computer. Type “ rare-earth element + area rate” into your favorite online search engine, changing the term rare-earth element with gold, silver, palladium or whatever metal you are trying to rate. You can alternately use any of the Android or iPhone apps noted in the next section of this report to acquire a present rate.

Inspect Multiple Dealers

If you choose to buy in your area from a brick-and-mortar business, call a number of precious metal dealers in your location. Let every dealer you speak with know that you are calling numerous organizations, and you will generally ensure you get the best rate those dealers have to provide.

The area rate you get when you are doing your research is what you can expect to spend for an ounce of the rare-earth element in question. You ought to comprehend that you will almost never ever be able to pay the area rate alone. There will be a premium included to the area rate whether you buy online or at a physical area. The reason that you might get various prices when talking with a number of dealers is since premiums vary.

Bullion items will generally have a lower premium than government-issued coins made of precious metals. When gold or silver coins are unusual, their numismatic value increases even more, hence driving up the premium that you will pay above area.

Bid, Ask, and .999 Pure

You ought to also bear in mind that the area rate for a rare-earth element describes 99.9% pureness. If you are paying a premium above area rate for metal that is not as pure, you are most likely paying too much, unless that extra premium is since of some other quality, such as the rarity of a coin. Dealerships will use the term “ great” to refer to the 99.9% pureness requirement, and this will be represented as .999. You might also see .9999 great as a classification, and this implies the rare-earth element in question is 99.99% pure.

If you are acquiring online, you will see a “Bid” and “Ask.” The Bid is what dealers want to spend for one Troy ounce of rare-earth element, and the Ask is what they are selling an ounce for. When comparing one dealer to another, you will generally discover that business that notes an Ask rate that is better to his Bid rate than other dealers will be the best deal.

Having stated that, you will discover premiums above the area rate that are all over the map. This depends upon a lot of variables, consisting of supply and need, what the dealer paid for the rare-earth element in question, and how determined he is to offer. Keep in mind, the best method to ensure the best possible rate when buying precious metals is to seek advice from numerous dealers before parting with your hard-earned money.

10 Android and iOS Apps for Precious Metal Investing

The following applications keep you informed with up-to-date news and rates on precious metals.


  • Gold Research
  • BullionVault
  • Monex Bullion Investor
  • Gold Tracker
  • Silver Tracker


  • BullionVault
  • Gold Silver and Platinum Tracker
  • Gold Silver Price Now
  • Gold and Silver Vault
  • Gold and Silver Spot Price

Numerous online rare-earth element dealers have their own apps, so when you discover an Internet dealer you like, ask about a downloadable application for their website.

Leading 10 Tips for Investing in Precious Metals

Reserve no greater than 10% to 15% of your entire investment portfolio capital for buying precious metals.

Owning a little of a number of various kinds of precious metals is a smart diversification practice.

Consider beginning with a little purchase if you are new to buying precious metals. This will keep your nerves calm and your wallet full while you are getting your feet damp.

It is a excellent concept to buy through an online dealer along with a local dealer in your location. You can see which experience works the best for you, considering that both online and brick-and-mortar rare-earth element investing have benefits and drawbacks.

Avoid from buying junk metal. The prices on these metals can be extremely appealing compared to metals with .999 great pureness. However, they are called junk metals for a reason.

You might discover greatly various prices for the very same coin, round, bar or ingot, depending upon where you shop. This is why it pays to call a number of dealers before you buy.

You can keep your investment safe by saving your precious metals in a depository or safe-deposit box. High levels of security in return for a little regular monthly fee make good sense, specifically if you accumulate a large investment.

You ought to continuously monitor area prices, so you can ensure you get the best rate on a purchase.

You don't need to be wealthy to buy precious metals. From 2015 to 2018, a single Troy ounce of great silver revealed a area rate variety of simply $13 to $20.

Understand your reason for purchasing precious metals before you spend any money. If you don't have a clear prepare for your capital, you will not know what to expect from your investments.


This guide provides you all you require to know to get going buying precious metals. Whether for ceremonial, spiritual, cultural, or monetary reasons, precious metals have actually been valued by mankind from the beginnings of human history. These metals have industrial and style applications today, they can work as a hedge against inflation and financial collapse, and they load a lot of value into a little form.

With simply a couple of ounces of silver, gold, or platinum in your pocket, you can be carrying a significant quantity of money. Rare-earth elements can work as currency, you might desire to buy them purely as a hobby, or you may think that speculation now will lead to a neat earnings down the road. Whatever your reasons for buying precious metals, the secret to becoming a smart investor is to get going today.

Contact a number of local rare-earth element dealers. Tell them you are considering including precious metals to your investment portfolio and let them know you will not be investing any large quantities of money anytime soon. Numerous brick-and-mortar and online dealers have starter packages that include education materials along with a percentage of silver. You can alternately acquire a couple of ounces of silver to get going, which implies your early entry into precious metals investing will be minimal.

Inspect it frequently to monitor the rate of various precious metals, and to examine out any pertinent news. Look over the rate of the four most frequently traded precious metals for the last week, the last couple of weeks, and the last couple of months.

Lastly, when you have actually compared prices at numerous dealers, and you have actually done sufficient research to satisfy yourself that you are well prepared, start. Make that first precious metals buy. Whether you acquire ETF shares in silver or physical gold bullion, keep an eye on just how much you own and examine the area rate routinely.

Depending on your investment goals, you might realize a large earnings in a brief duration of time. Whatever your reasons for buying precious metals, you are now armed with more than sufficient information to trade carefully and safely, even on your extremely first purchase.

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