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There are not many assets where you can invest your money so that it will grow faster than inflation. Stocks and real estate are two of the most popular choices; however, both these assets are susceptible to risks that do not affect gold as much. This is why you should be investing in gold, especially at a time when the world economy is facing one crisis after another. In this article we find out the history, the why and how of investing in gold.

The History of Investing in Gold

Gold has been one of the most precious commodities known to mankind since the earliest days of civilization. The ancient Egyptians thought highly of gold ornaments, apart from valuing other precious metals such as silver. Millennia later, the ancient Romans issued millions of gold coins for use as a standard currency across their empire. These examples show that gold has been a valuable commodity since ancient times, and everyone has been investing in gold, from Egyptians to ancient Romans.

It is noteworthy that the findings of hidden cache's of Roman gold coins that are often found in Britain and elsewhere in Europe are an example of investing in gold — their owners must have bought those gold coins and put them in a safe spot as an investment or for safe-keeping.

If you are investigating the price of gold then you need information about buying gold as well as taking into consideration investing in gold coins plus of course the important topic of investing in gold stocks. Something else to consider is investing in gold bullion and a lot of people will also want to know about investing in gold and silver. As well as this information about investing in gold 2012 would be useful and so would it be a good idea to find out about investing in gold futures.

The Why of Investing in Gold

The basic factors that made gold a precious metal in ancient times still persist today. Gold is still as shiny as it ever was. More importantly, gold is still in limited supply. It has been calculated that the total amount of gold that has ever been mined is so relatively small that it could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. In the present, less than 2500 tons of gold is mined every year, which is much less than the demand for it. This means that demand for gold is much higher than its supply, keeping its price high.

Gold also has what we shall call an inherent value that is not associated with other types of assets. For example, you can invest in gold in Iran and sell it in Japan; but you cannot always do the same with the dollar or Euro. This is highlighted in times of crisis, such as a depression, when currencies such as the dollar invariably fall, but gold goes against the grain and is valued higher.

The How of Investing in Gold

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways of investing in gold. However, when you want to buy physical gold, gold coins are also a good option, as are gold bars. Gold coins are of two types: collector's coins and gold bullion coins. A form of gold where the value is derived only from the gold contained in it is called gold bullion; gold bullion coins and gold bars are an example of gold bullion.

Investing in gold without buying physical gold is also easy, and can be done by buying shares in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that trade in gold. These funds track the bullion value of gold by actually buying gold on your behalf.

Another way of investing in gold is by buying shares in gold mining companies. These shares are seen to follow gold prices in general; this is an indirect way of investing in gold.

Whether you buy ETF's or gold coins from a reputable vendor, you should buy gold for your portfolio as a form of insurance against financial crisis and economic collapse. In the long term, it is seen that gold proves itself as one of the most stable investments in anyone's portfolio.

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